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John Mulry Cigar & Coffee Pairing

Pairing:  Cigar- Asylum 13 Drink-King Corona Café con Leche “I love the Asylum 13 because of its big full bodied flavor. This is one of my favorite cigars, not only because of the full flavor, but the quality of construction and spiciness. It finishes well without the ubiquitous bitterness found in a lot of cigars.” […]

How King Corona Got Its Name

I wanted to name the store something that had to do with cigars, preferably a cigar name like Churhill or something. At the time there was another cigar store in Ybor that was doing the same thing with a great name, Perfectos (which is a cigar size). Churchill has been overused in the industry so […]

Cigar Indian

A cigar store doesn’t seem complete without a wooden Indian standing guard at the door watching over the cache of meticulously rolled and aged tobacco. While we all have come to expect its warm greeting at most fine cigar establishments, we may not know why or how this iconic tradition came to be. It was […]

King Corona Cigars Sweet Sixteen Celebration

Join Us for an evening with Brenda and Don Barco to celebrate our 16th year in business! On February 16th from noon until 4:00 pm, we will be commemorate our Sweet Sixteen with raffles, giveaways, Hors d’oeuvres, and great company. Meet the King and Queen of King Corona and receive 20% off any purchase of […]

Free Shipping Extended

Due to popular demand, our Free Shipping offer on King Corona Cigars’ HouseBlend Bundles has been extended. Visit our web-store here to take advantage of this extended offer.

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