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CUBAN COFFEE $2.35{single shot}    $2.60{double shot}
Double shot of espresso sweetened in the traditional fashion.

ESPRESSO $2.25 {single shot}     $2.60 {double shot}

LATTE $3.60 {12oz}     $4.60 {16oz}
Espresso with steamed milk and crème on top.

BREVE $4.1 {12oz}     $5.15 {16oz}
Espresso with steamed ½ & ½ instead of whole milk.

CAPPUCCINO $3.25 {12oz}     $4.25 {16oz}
1/3 Espresso, 1/3 steamed milk & 1/3 frothed milk.

*CAFE CORONA*  $5.15 {12oz}     $6.10 {16oz}  *Voted “Best Coffee with a Kick” – Creative Loafing’s Best of the Bay 2010 - Espresso and steamed milk with a hint of cayenne kick from our spicy caramel sauce.

COCO-LATTE $4.10 {12oz}     $5.15 {16oz}
½ Hot Chocolate & ½ Latte

COCO-CORONA $5.15 {12oz}     $6.10 {16oz}
Hot cocoa with a hint of spicy from our spicy caramel sauce.  A King Corona specialty!

AMERICANO $2.60 {12oz}     $3.10 {16oz}
For the American pallet, 2 espresso shots with added hot water.

CAFE CON LECHE  $3.60 {12oz}   $4.60 {12oz}

REGULAR COFFEE $2.49 {12oz}    $3.09 {16oz}
Featuring Kana Cuban Coffee Roasts

Organic Loose leaf Tea brewed to order. Choose any of the following options. Golden Apricot/ Juicy Peach / Very Raspberry / Green Sencha / Lemon Ginger Green / Earl Grey / Black Manas / Dark hocolate Dream / Chocolate Mint Green / Peppermint / Assam Chai    Decaf: Creamy Vanilla Roobios / Orange Ruby Roobios

All coffee drinks come hot or iced.   Add any flavor for .50 substitute soy or ½ & ½ for .50

King Corona Cigars - 1523 E. 7th Ave. Tampa, Fl 33605 - Toll Free 1-888-248-3812