Vitola: 5×44 corona


Production: Limited




Wrapper: Authentic Honduran Corojo


Binder: : Authentic Honduran Corojo


Filler: Authentic Honduran Corojo




The Aladino Corojo Reserva is the flagship cigar for JRE. It is an more generously fermented version of the standard Aladino natural that only uses the higher primings of the plant. This is the first cigar that is part of the company’s “Our Cuban Heritage” line. The yearly release will be a different size and blend of the Corojo Reserva every year and just like this one, limited to 800 boxes of 20 cigars.


The box has a sliding lid and varies from the regular reserva in a nice way. It reminds me of a subtle jewelry box. I was pleased to see the familiar Aladino artwork on the lid. Stickers indicate which box out of 800 you are getting, a true sign of a limited cigar. 


The cigar itself looks great next to the current reservas on the shelf. The sturdy veins catch your attention while the oils and teeth on the wrapper tell you “its time to smoke”. The white wrapper on the foot prevents the distraction of cellophane and keeps the cigar pristine. The packaging is minimal and the focus is on the cigar.  


I used a shallow straight cut on this cigar and the triple cap held up just fine. The cold draw left me with the taste of sweet hay and earth. Upon lighting the cigar and the first retrohale I was awoken with bright, strong flavors of pepper and wood. The finish was malty and smooth. The complexity and strength make this cigar definitively full bodied.


After the first third, I find the pepper to take a step down. With a thick, peanut buttery creaminess that is sweet with coffee undertones taking the foreground. You can still squeeze the pepper out of the smoke with a nice double puff.





 The final third bounces back with a lot more pepper and strength than both the first and second third. It remains smooth and doesn’t become acrid. Construction remains 100% all the way down to the nub. Usually by this time I am bored with the cigar and find the flavors to be unpleasant. However, with the Aladino I’m still enjoying it. 


In conclusion, I feel this is the perfect addition to the JRE lineup. It is significantly different than the robusto and toro sizes that are available year round. If you enjoy a nice cubanesque cigar don’t hesitate! There are only 800 boxes out there so get them while you can. 

You have until December 23rd to enter the Aladino raffle for a 50 inch smart tv. All you have to do is buy any three Aladinos to get a raffle ticket. Five cigars receives two tickets. Good luck!