Ali Jenzarli First Customer Pairing PhotoThe info on Ali Jenzarli PHD.: Mr. Jenzarli is a long time customer of King Corona Cigars and has lived in Tampa since 1993 having taught at University of Tampa for all of his time here. Ali takes great pleasure in cigar smoking and is what I would call a true connoisseur of cigars, wines, food and life in general. He is one who takes his cigar smoking seriously.

One of his favorite pairings of cigars and drink is as follows: Cigar- Don Barco Drink- double espresso.  He tells us that smoking a Don Barco cigar with a cup of King Corona “Ybor Brand” espresso reminds him of the treat of being a child and drinking a cup of rich Lebanese coffee while dunking his favorite chocolate cookie into it. That’s what he says it reminds him of and who are we to question him?