Pairing:  Cigar- Asylum 13 Drink-King Corona Café con Leche

“I love the Asylum 13 because of its big full bodied flavor. This is one of my favorite cigars, not only because of the full flavor, but the quality of construction and spiciness. It finishes well without the ubiquitous bitterness found in a lot of cigars.”
I really enjoy this smoke with King Corona’s Café con Leche because the Ybor Blend coffee they use to make it is, like the Asylum 13, full flavored, rich and smooth. The cream of the Café con Leche compliments both the Asylum 13 and the Ybor Blend coffee. While I do smoke a lot of different cigars at King Corona, the Asylum 13 and King Corona Café con Leche is my go to.”